パンティライナーズ オーガニックス♥では、NGOジョイセフの開発途上国の女性の命と健康を守る活動をサポートしています。

















Pantyliners Organics♥ supports JOICFP, a Japanese NGO working internationally in the field of sexual and reproductive health.


In developing countries, expensive disposable sanitary products are not common and are overshadowed by the use of worn cloth, so it is difficult for girls and women to attend school during menstruation. Meanwhile, in rural areas where health facilities are not in place and appropriate knowledge about health and medical care cannot be obtained, lives are lost due to unwanted pregnancy and childbirth, and sexually transmitted infectious diseases including HIV/AIDS. 


So that women can live in more comfort, we will teach them how to make “Sanitary Pad Holders” using familiar materials and use those skills to lead to income-generating activities in order to maintain health facilities.


Japanese:Organization for International Cooperation in Family Planning (JOICFP)

JOICFP is a Japan-based international NGO active in the field of sexual reproductive health and rights. In collaboration with international organizations, government, local NGOs and communities, JOICFP supports human resource development in the health sector, donates commodities, and implements projects to improve quality of life of the people in Asia and Africa.