Terms of service

This website (The rest is referred to as "This site") is operated by touta inc. 
These terms of use are intended for all users of this site when they use the service with security. Please be sure to read this before using this site. 

 In addition, in order to improve the service, this agreement may be newly added or updated without prior notice or without the consent of the customer. By using this site, you agree to these terms of use. 

When using this site, please read the privacy and policy and understand our privacy protection efforts. 

Online shopping


  1.  Users can order and purchase products on this site. 
  2. When purchasing a product, the user shall order and purchase the product according to the method specifies by our company. If you do not follow the terms and conditions set by us, we may decline your order. 
  3. We will not be liable if your order is not accepted due to an internet failure or other non-responsible cause.

<Case when we need to cancel order>

Orders and shipments may be cancelled in the following cases. 

  1. When ordering and returning are repeated. 
  2. When ordering with a disposable email address or a phone number that does not exist. 
  3. When the product price, etc. of this site is incorrectly stated due to a system failure, etc. 
  4. When the delivery address is a Post-office box or a transfer service. 
  5. If the return is repeated many times. 
  6. Others, when we judge that the order is inappropriate. 

<Price information>

  1. All price listed on this site included tax. 
  2. If incorrect price is displayed on this site, we will adjust the price as follows. ・If the price of the correct item is higher than what was displayed on the site, you will be charged a higher amount and if you have already paid, we will refund the difference. 
    ・If the price of correct item is lower than the amount displayed on the site, we will notify the user of correct amount before shipping and ask the user's request. After that, we will confirm or cancel your order. 
  3. The price of the product may change due to sales. If the product price changes after purchase, the difference will not be refunded. 

* For other information, please refer the Notation based on the Specified Commercial Transaction Act. 

<Reprint and reprinting with additional text> 

It is not permitted to reprint the contents of this site such as product description, brand description and blog contents on the web and printed matter without permission. When any activities without copyright clearance was discovered, 500 (USD) will be charged as the manuscript fee. 

<Photo reprint>

This site used photos take by us. If you would like to use these photos, we could sell them for 300 (USD) per each. If you use it without permission, we will charge 500 (USD) including a damage of 200 (USD) per sheet. 

In addition, direct links to resources including photos are prohibited due to the load on the server. If this activities was discovered. we will take legal action as a powerful obstruction of business and claim compensation for damage. 


We do not take any responsibility for the matters stipulated in each of the following clauses, whether express or implied. 

  1. Responsibility for damages, losses and disadvantages related to the use of this site and the products bought/ sold on this site. 
  2. Any damages caused by the user's inability to use this site.
  3. Damages caused by changes or deletion of the design, menus, functions, URLs and contents of this site without notice.   
  4. Damage caused by using, misuse of this site, accessing linked sites, or services. 
  5. All damage caused by leakage of personal information due to criminal acts by a third party, natural disasters, irresistible force or other reasons not attributable to us. 
  6. Changes, interruptions, cancellations, suspensions, abolitions, unauthorized access, and other damages to users or third parties that occur in connection with this site. 
  7. Damage caused by insufficient management of customers regarding all personal information registered by users on this site. 
  8. Damage caused by a delivery company or a third party through loss or damaged products that you purchased from this site. 
  9. Damage caused to other users or third parties by using this site. The user shall settle at his/her own risk and expense and shall not cause any inconvenience to us.