Sustainability and environment

Plastic Free 

What can we do for the future earth we live in? 

Most of the ingredients in commercial products are made of plastic (synthetic fiber). Imagine how many disposal pads you use every month during an average of a 5 days menstruation. In addition, women will spend an average of 12 times a year and for about 40 years. 
How many waste do you discharge?

Pantyliners Organics can protect our planet. We use 100% organic cotton fabric instead of plastic materials such as synthetic fibers and tarpaulins. Cloth pads can be washed and used repeatedly, which can significantly reduce plastic emissions. 
We believe that choosing Pantyliners Organics products will help protecting our planet. 

Ethical consumption

For the safety of manufacturer and its environment

We use ethical materials that are environmentally friendly and manufacturer friendly. By choosing organic cotton, you can reduce the environmental burden on soil and water quality due to the use of chemical fertilize and pesticides. Hence, maintain the safety and health of farmers. Product packaging is also made from recyclable paper materials. Plastics are non-biodegradable and do not return to nature, but paper materials do. We make choices that take into consideration the safety and health of manufacturers, environment and last but not least impact on your body. 

※What is Ethical? 
Relating to moral principles or the branch of knowledge dealing with these, which often refers to the actions and thoughts that consider the impact on the environment and society. 



Supporting 「JOICFP」

Connect with women around the world through Pantyliners Organics

Pantyliners Organics supports the activities of the international cooperation NGO 「JOICFP」 who protect the lives and health of women in developing countries. We disseminate the techniques of producing 「Sanitary Pads」by using familiar materials so that they could spend their life more with freedom, but also we lead to income generation activities aimed at maintaining health facilities. 

JOICFP (Japanese Organization for International Cooperation in Family Planning) is a public Interest Incorporated Foundation.  
JOICFP works to protect the lives and health of women. In collaboration with the United Nations, international organizations, local NGOs and local residents. JOICFP is providing support such as improving lives in Asia and Africa through human resources development, materials support,  and project in the health field.