Why you chose us?

Organic cotton 100%

 Since sanitary pads will directly attach with your delicate zone, we use 100% organic cotton fabrics that are grown with as little pesticides and fertilizers as possible among natural materials.  No dyeing and no chemicals, of course. Furthermore, unlike ordinary disposal pads, it does not use waterproof materials such as chemical fibers and synthetic resins. Therefore, it is super breathable, and greatly reduces skin stress caused by rashes, stuffiness, and odors. The soft and pleasant texture will gently enfold your delicate zone.

Abundant size ranges

PLO sanitary pads consisting of three shapes are available in sizes from XS to XL (XS is wing pads only), and there are an abundant variety of 13 types in total. Therefore, it can be used flexibly according to the usage. From light vaginal discharge, you can use it even safely during heavy periods in daytime or a long bedtime. In addition, we made sure there is enough thickness and length , so you can feel more relaxed without worrying about leakage. 

*Image refers Wing pad

Original design

The pure white design plays an important role as a self-check of your physical condition. The amount of bloods and vaginal discharge change sensitively due to the effects of "hormonal balance", "mental stress", and "what you intake in your body". Understanding state of liquids also leads to managing your physical condition. But not only that, our design is easy to check how far it had absorbed, so it an be replaced before it leaks.

At first glance, it looks like very simple circle and square, but there is a right reason.  Since it doesn't have typical sanitary pad looks, you wouldn't hesitated to carry them or drying it outside after washing.  
Have you ever wondered "What if I accidentally drop it when I go to bathroom to change it?" We are stressed by many things without realizing it. So, PLO came here to propose these original designs so that we - all people who owns menstruation can spend our time as comfortably as possible. 


The package has a simple yet sophisticated design inspired by hotel amenities. We want to overturn the conventional concepts of sanitary products and change it to something that is cute and up-lifting. Of course, we use recyclable paper materials that a friendly to the earth. We hope you can look forward to the monthly cycle positively, with Pantyliners Organics.