About us

Pantyliners Organics is a brand specializing in cloth pads which is made from 100% organic cotton. From the desire to "create an environment where women can spend their periods mentally and physically free", the design of conventional cloth pads, which was manufactured and sold at touta inc. since 2003, had been significantly improved in terms of materials and design. 

The uterus is the most obedient and sensitive organ in women's body. It reacts immediately when mental stress or bad physical changes occur. You know your body the most and you must need to know how you can treat that body too.
Don't ignore, for your loved ones, and for yourself. 
Menstruation is not a negative part of your life, but is your hope. We want you to be excited about this as you can check up on your mind and body changes once a month.

Founder (U5) 

Cute, Happy, Love, and Peace!! 

A founder of touta inc. in 2003. U5 started manufacturing and selling cloth pads, ladies and kids clothing and fashion accessories. Under the theme of "Utilizing a large amount of discharged resources till no longer possible to reuse", she has been committed in manufacturing using waste materials, advocating Neo-patchwork!!!, and waste material recycling.  In 2017, she announced "Pantyliners Organics❤︎", a brand specializing in cloth pads with the aim of creating an environment where women can spend their time with their enriched hearts.

Although she has been working on cloth pads for 18 years since 2003, she decided to hand over Pantyliners Organics to her daughters Anzu and Hana. Starting from 2021, she retires from working at forefront of the brand. 
Below is her comments: 
"As my girls grow up, the generation changed. I believe it's time to create young and energetic wind in here again! I hope you look forward to the future transmissions by Anzu and Hana".


- We're the PLO team! -


Menstruation is like a partner for women. That is why I want you to understand about it more. Your partner would tell you a lot.  Through Pantyliners Organics, I would like to create and expand the environment where women can be truly free. 


If you are not feeling comfortable, please remember that it might be causing a serious risk from there. You need to distinguish for yourself what brings you happiness and what is not. I believe one of that positive fact is in here.