To our dearest customers,
thank you for your continuous support on Pantyliners Organics.  At this time, we are delighted to announce that together with the renewal of the website, I, U5 (touta inc.) will leave the PR activities to daughters, Anzu and Hana and retire from front line. 

From 2003 to 18 years, I have been working on the concept of making stuffs that will lead to the next generation, but as my daughters grow up, the generations changed too. I believe it is time to create young and energetic wind again by those two freshnesses in here!  

For this renewal, we have worked together to create a website that is easier for everyone to use and understand, including design, photos, and text, through trial and error. 

Please look forward to the future transmissions of the two young people. 

touta inc. Representative U5

We're the PLO team! 

Menstruation is like a partner in our life. That's why we want you to confront this more thoroughly and carefully.  Your partner tells you a lot. Through Pantyliners Organics, I want to create the environment where women can be mentally, physically free. 

We are going to deliver further contents including educational information through Blog in website and social media. 

When you are not feeling comfortable, you shouldn't forget something harmful or risk that could be caused from there.You must need to distinguish what can make you happy the most and what is not.  I believe, that one of the happinesses are in here. Having menstruation is not because you were unlucky, but just you don't know yet how to deal with it but now, we got this.