Pantyliners Organics (PLO)

Cloth pads brand made from 100% organic cotton fabric. With the desire of making an environment where women can be mentally and physically free, we have completely redesigned from the conventional cloth pads that have been manufactured and sold as touta inc. since 2003. Pads were throughly improved in their materials and design.

Our goal is to change negative idea of "menstruation" to delight part of our life, and it ought to be an important period where we can check up with our body and mind.

We're the PLO team!


Menstruation is like a partner for women. That is why I want you to understand about it more. Your partner would tell you a lot. Through Pantyliners Organics, I would like to create and expand the environment where women can be truly free.


If you are not feeling comfortable, remember that it might be caused a serious risk from there. You need to distinguish for yourself what brings you happiness and what is not. I believe one of that positive fact is in here.

Pads detergent

Wash in just 3 seconds!

Washing pads is too much of a hassle.
Never! PLO's original detergent is here to help your laundry. Of course, this detergent consist of only ingredients which bring less damage to our environment.


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UPOPO by touta inc.

Now it's available to pick up your order at UPOPO touta inc.


5-25-4 Wakabayashi, Setagaya ward, Tokyo

Opening hour: 12:00-18:00

Closed on Monday